[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Third Naval Review

Today’s post is about two of my favourite things: Sumire and Kancolle. As you all know (or should know) she’s the voice of many shipgirls like Fubuki (and all the Fubuki class), Hiryuu and Souryuu. She looks so cute in Fubuki’s uniform!  I’m glad she took a group shot with all the other seiyuu, I really like how Ayaneru and Yukachin styled their hair like Yamato and Kitakami. But enough talks, I hope you will enjoy this post and the pictures just like I did.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Abiro!! Occult Water!!

Sumipe’s concert was greeeeeaaaat! She was too funny and her dress was so cute!. In case someone missed the event, you can watch it here.
Original post.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The PV has been published!

Hello guys, please enjoy this translation and the PV, which is truly amazing. Generally speaking, her PV are usually good. Anyway, here’s the original post.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Shangai!

Maybe one day Sumipe will visit Italy too, but for now, this country isn’t ready to properly welcome her. Welp, at least her Chinese fans must be happy now. Original post.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Headbang

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Sumipe wearing an apron of my favourite metal band (R.I.P. Lemmy). I already knew she liked metal, but I didn’t know she was a fan of Motörhead! Why is she so perfect?
Anyway, here’s the original post, I hope you will enjoy my translation.
Born to lose, live to win \m/

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] I-I-Instagram

Today our beautiful Sumipe introduced us to her new Instagram account. It’s only temporary, it will probably close a few weeks after the release of her next single. Original post & Instagram account.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Seiyuu Grand Prix August Issue

Sumire never rests and neither do I. Another short post but full of beautiful pictures! She’s so pretty in a yukata… Check it out!

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