Yuni – You Are Always Crafty

Hello everyone, how are you holding up? The heat is driving me insane, but here’s a oneshot from an author I never touched before. Yuni made a few Love Live! doujin back then, but now mostly makes original yuri manga about office workers and teachers. This is one of them and it’s also a sort … Continue reading “Yuni – You Are Always Crafty”


A comprehensive list of all the manga I’ve worked on, with a small commentary. Liberty (Kitta Izumi & Momono Moto) – My first scanlated manga! We basically grew up together, so no matter what people say about it, I’m quite attached to Liberty.Touma-kun (Amano Shuninta) [MD][DR] – Toma-kun is the official romanization, but ok. It … Continue reading “Manga”