YuriYaku Wrapped

Hello everyone, how was your 2023? I hope it was a good year for you. I don’t want to bore you with my life, so I’ll just say it’s been… Okay. I finished my Master with a magna cum laude, made a bit of money with work, and I have another job lined up next year. I’m still far from achieving my dreams, but a man must aim high. Since you’re here for my scanlations, let’s talk about this a little bit.

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A small update

I fixed a few errors in the release of The Story of a Strict Teacher Who Got Fucked by Her Gyaru Bitch Student #3. I already updated the MEGA, Sadpanda and Mangadex gallery.
Updated MEGA archive [HERE]

Many thanks to Nobody (that’s the name) for further proofreading this release.

Liberty skipped yet another issue of Galette, so please don’t ask me if I abandoned it or when I’m gonna release the next chapter because I have no idea what happened to it.

The Rare Blog Post

No release today. I just wanna talk so if you’re patient, please bear with me a little because I’m not good writing long stuff on the computer: I generally use pen & paper before.
It’s an awful period, but at least I’ve worked on some great stuff in last months and I’m satisfied with it: my Photoshop, English and translation skills improved, not so sure about my Japanese but eh. Going back maybe I’ll change a few things here and there but I guess it’s impossible to be 100% satisfied with your own translation.
Now, how do I decide what to scanlate? For Liberty it was easy: a manga written by a cute yuri-loving seiyuu? Whoa, sign me in! You know the rest, it’s very funny to read everyone’s comments every time I drop a new chapter. For the others, it depends: a good artstyle and a particular plot make me want to scanlate them and if they also hit my fetishes it’s even better! I won’t say what my fetishes are, you need to find out yourselves.
So here’s the questions: what are the manga I’ve enjoyed the most among all the ones I’ve scanlated so far? Easy: the trilogy of Yukino and the nurse by morino! A good, funny story with an artstyle I like a lot, plus nurse Kurosawa is hot (someone pointed out she looks like Negom’s Mob-sensei and that’s what makes her so good). Unfortunately it seem that morino disappeared from the Internet but….Here’s the good news: SHE’S BACK!
Some anon on /u/ found the cover of the latest work, a doujin in Chinese of what looks like another entry into the universe of Yukino and Kurosawa:

Tentative title: “The infirmary’s delusions diary” or something like that

Yes, she changed her alias from morino to Noda but that’s her. She sold this doujin at a convention in China, so I guess it might be a bit hard to acquire. If we’re lucky, she might sell the Japanese version online for us to enjoy. Here’s her twitter, go give her a follow she deserves it: Noda_ofir

Thank you for reading this and for following my releases! I made a new poll, go check it out because I want to hear your opinions!


Storie di Gigli – La Cultura Femminile all’Inizio del ‘900

Fra le critiche più comuni che vengono mosse verso il genere yuri c’è l’uso, il riuso e l’abuso di determinati cliché, presenti in tantissime opere e facilmente riconoscibili ai lettori più navigati. Se ad esempio iniziassi a parlarvi di un manga ambientato in una scuola, con due protagoniste dal carattere e dall’aspetto diametralmente opposti, che scoprono di amarsi ma che devono mantenere segreta la loro relazione, riuscireste ad indovinare il titolo?
Difficile, eh?
E in quanti storie avete letto di senpai impossibilmente belle e brave, di oneesan gentili e affidabili, di carinissime kōhai o imōto, di principi (♀) che fanno impazzire tutte le ragazze e di luoghi in cui non sembrano esistere maschi di alcun tipo?
Questi sono solo alcuni dei cliché che troviamo più spesso nei manga yuri, ma qual è la loro origine? Come e quando sono nati? Per scoprirlo ci tocca fare un viaggio indietro di circa un secolo.

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How embarrassing!

It seems I’ve committed a few errors in the release of Touma-kun chapter 2 and 3 and I’m very sorry for that.
Soooo, here’s the first page that’s missing from chapter 2 HERE
and I’ve corrected page 19 from chapter 3 due to a mistranslation ALSO HERE

Thanks to Rejuun and Nevri on Dynasty for pointing out those errors. I’ll pay more attention next time.

By the way, I’m working on Touma-kun chapter 4, but it’s gonna take me a while and I’ll give priority to Liberty because it’s the manga that people (and me) prefer.
Sorry Touma, but everybody thinks you are a fucking asshole and masses demand to know why Liz had a nervous breakdown, there’s no match here.

The beginning of a new great adventure

And here we go.

I can’t believe that I started a blog, but here we are. On this page, I won’t talk about me, as I already have Twitter for that, but I will post various stuff translated by me, from English to Italian, from Italian to English and from Japanese to Italian and English, and maybe some little post about translation itself.
Why this blog? Because I’m bored and sometimes I wanna try new things.
I know this blog isn’t pretty enough, I’ll embellish it when I’m not busy studying, playing videogames or being miserable.
Regarding the name of this place: yaku (訳) means, among other things, “translation”; there’s also a word-play on the word iyaku (意訳) which means “liberal translation”. Yes, it’s a shitty word-play, I know that.