A comprehensive list of all the manga I’ve worked on, with a small commentary.

Liberty (Kitta Izumi & Momono Moto) – My first scanlated manga! We basically grew up together, so no matter what people say about it, I’m quite attached to Liberty.
Touma-kun (Amano Shuninta) [MD][DR] – Toma-kun is the official romanization, but ok. It started as a one-shot and the turned into a single volume manga. It was pretty crazy and I loved working on it.
Yume kara Sameta Ano Ko to wa Kitto Umaku Shaberenai (Miyazaki Natsujikei) [MD] – A very weird manga that was commissioned to me. I only did the TL, though.
Girls’ Education (Shimizu Hikarino) – The manga that made me fell in love with Shimizu Hikarino’s style, which is a nice blend of cute and sexy.
Himegoto ~The Adult Virgin and The Experienced High Schooler (Shimizu Hikarino) [MD][DR] – This manga was the first one I bought and scanlated from the beginning to the end. I wish the mangaka would do more yuri.
Hokenshitsu Sensei to Mōsōsuki-chan (morino) – The manga that introduced me to morino’s world of beautiful school nurses.
The Delusional Girl and the Wicked Nurse (morino) – My biggest regret. I love this manga and morino’s style so I’ve put all my heart into it, I think it’s my best scanlation so far. What I regret is the fact that this manga never got a full serialization and the author disappeared from the internet.
That’s Puberty For You ❤ (morino) – A kind of early draft for the other two manga by morino.
You Are Always Crafty (Yuni) – My first OL yuri manga. I hope it isn’t the last.
[NSFW] Sakura Wants To Be Insulted (Pandacorya) – The author has a pecularial style that picked my interest.
Yuri Kiss Punishment Game (Pandacorya) – Thanks to this manga I’ve learned what oblaat is.
The Story of a Career Woman Who Goes To a Brothel to Seek Solace (Pandacorya) – I’m not a big fan of stories that involve prostitution, but I made an exception for this one.
2 Misfits (Wakamura Maiko) – I enjoyed working on this oneshot about a loner and a timid girl dealing with bullying.
A Manga About A Gyaru That Loves a Gyaru That’s Friendly to Otaku (Mizuhira) – A short manga about a relatable otaku.
[NSFW] The Story of a Strict Teacher Who Got Fucked by Her Gyaru Bitch Student (Pandacorya) [#1][#2] – The title says it all.
[NSFW] I Went For a Home Visit and Found Out My Student’s Mother Is My Sex Friend From My School Days (Pandacorya) – Sexy and with a funny ending.
[NSFW] Inversion (Tima) [#1&#2 #3] – This was a commission. Not bad at all.
[NSFW] My Female Friend Became My Practice Partner So I Can Get Better at Sex with my Boyfriend (Pandacorya) – Yep, it’s Pandacorya.
[NSFW] The Sales Rep Who Absolutely Won’t Come VS The Researcher Who Absolutely Wants to Make Her Come (Pandacorya) – So that’s how new sex toys get approved…
How To Stop a Hiccup (Pandacorya) – Hic! Hic!
The Reason Why I Go to the Dentist (Pandacorya) – Oral hygiene is important 🙂
[NSFW] Slug (Okano Hajime) – A commission of an old, full color manga

I plan to enlarge this list for as long as I can. If you want to support me, consider commissioning a manga to me!