Do you want to commission me a manga translation or scanlation? No problem!

Prices (translation only):

  • 1€ for page
  • 0.50€ for pages with a small amout of text
  • 1.50€ for pages with a lot of text
  • 0.05€ for character (max 4 pages)

Prices (Scanlation):

  • 2 € for page
  • 1,50 € for pages that require little to no editing
  • 2,50 € for pages that require a lot of editing
  • The price can vary a lot depending on the amount of text, SFX, required editing and so on, we can discuss it in private.

How long does it take?

This depends on the manga, I’ll give you an estimate and then I’ll keep you updated on my progress

What I DON’T translate

  • Loli/shota
  • Guro/rape/NTR/furry/bestiality/scat
  • Licensed manga

Advanced payment through Paypal. Contact me on Twitter, Discord (Yuricchin#2690) or through the e-mail below for all the details.
DO NOT contact me to beg me to scanlate something for free, I don’t care. I already release enough stuff for free, so let’s not waste time ok?