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No release today. I just wanna talk so if you’re patient, please bear with me a little because I’m not good writing long stuff on the computer: I generally use pen & paper before.
It’s an awful period, but at least I’ve worked on some great stuff in last months and I’m satisfied with it: my Photoshop, English and translation skills improved, not so sure about my Japanese but eh. Going back maybe I’ll change a few things here and there but I guess it’s impossible to be 100% satisfied with your own translation.
Now, how do I decide what to scanlate? For Liberty it was easy: a manga written by a cute yuri-loving seiyuu? Whoa, sign me in! You know the rest, it’s very funny to read everyone’s comments every time I drop a new chapter. For the others, it depends: a good artstyle and a particular plot make me want to scanlate them and if they also hit my fetishes it’s even better! I won’t say what my fetishes are, you need to find out yourselves.
So here’s the questions: what are the manga I’ve enjoyed the most among all the ones I’ve scanlated so far? Easy: the trilogy of Yukino and the nurse by morino! A good, funny story with an artstyle I like a lot, plus nurse Kurosawa is hot (someone pointed out she looks like Negom’s Mob-sensei and that’s what makes her so good). Unfortunately it seem that morino disappeared from the Internet but….Here’s the good news: SHE’S BACK!
Some anon on /u/ found the cover of the latest work, a doujin in Chinese of what looks like another entry into the universe of Yukino and Kurosawa:

Tentative title: “The infirmary’s delusions diary” or something like that

Yes, she changed her alias from morino to Noda but that’s her. She sold this doujin at a convention in China, so I guess it might be a bit hard to acquire. If we’re lucky, she might sell the Japanese version online for us to enjoy. Here’s her twitter, go give her a follow she deserves it: Noda_ofir

Thank you for reading this and for following my releases! I made a new poll, go check it out because I want to hear your opinions!


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