Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.5

Heeey, sorry for the wait! Here we go with another fantastic chapter of Liberty!
In chapter 4 Maki finally got invited to Liz’s house to celebrate her birthday!
Will she be able to not spill her spaghetti like usual? Yeah…

Once again I wanna thank @flapjack21 for his help!

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PS: I’ll take a small break and then I’ll start working on Touma-kun chapter 3, my favourite one so far.

Amano Shuninta – Touma-kun ch.2

Hello, it’s been a while! It’s finally time to release the second chapter of Touma-kun! Sorry for the long wait.
The first chapter had a bittersweet ending, but what about this one? Time to find out.

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As usual, thank you to @flapjack21 for proofreading!

ps: Liberty chapter 5 is coming SOON!

Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.4

Here we go again with another chapter of Liberty!
In the third chapter Maki FINALLY learned the name of the mysterious girl that it’s always on her mind and that they are going to work together (sort of)!
What’s gonna happen in this chapter? Well, I’m not gonna spoiler you, so please enjoy!

Once again I wanna thank @flapjack21 for proofreading this!

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I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.3

Sorry for the wait, but I’m very busy and Tsucchi is deliciously hard to translate properly. Anyway:
Remember what happened in the latest chapter? Our ikemen of a MC got pussyblocked by the mysterious and delivish girl she almost run over and now she can’t stop thinking about her! What’s she gonna do now?

Special thanks to: @flapjack21 for proofreading and to all the kind Japanese people who helped me (みんなさん、本当にありがとうございました!)

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PS: I’ll go back to translating Sumipe’s blog as soon as I can.

Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.2

Hello again! It’s finally time for the second chapter of Liberty!
Remember the end of the first chapter? A mysterious nameless girl wrote a time and a place on the hand of our office lesbian MC. What is she gonna do now? I hope you are ready for some spicy yuri action!

Special thanks to @flapjack21 for proofreading!

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Amano Shuninta – Touma-kun

Hi, here I am with another manga translated & edited by yours truly. The first chapter of Liberty had an unexpected success and it convinced me to continue with the series, so stay tuned.
Today I brought you a one-shot by Amano Shuninta that was published on the first issue of Galette: Touma-kun, a story about an insecure girl who becomes acquainted with the most popular girl of the school. Sounds familiar?

I want to thank all my friends for helping me with the script! They are truly my best friends.

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I’m always trying to improve, so let me know what you think!

Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.1

Here’s my newest project: Liberty, a new yuri manga serialized on Galette, drawn by Momono Moto and written by the famous seiyuu Kitta Izumi.
The main character is a lesbian OL who meets in an unexpected way, a mysterious and fascinating girl.

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Ten Tanka by Fujiwara no Teika (part I)

First (relevant) post! How exciting!
I guess I should start with some explanations about Tanka and Fujiwara no Teika.
Tanka 短歌 (Short poem) is a type of Japanese poetry composed by 31 syllables divided in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern. One of the master of this kind of poetry was Fujiwara no Teika (or Sadaie) 藤原定家 (1162-1241) poet, critic, calligrapher and much more. Like his father, he was a true authority in the field of poetry and compiled two imperial anthologies: the Shinkokinwakashū 新古今和歌集 and the Shinchokusenwakashū 新勅撰和歌集.
He also compiled the famous Hyakunin isshu 百人一首(one poem by a thousand poets), maybe you heard about this one thanks to anime.
But enough with the history lesson, let’s take a look at two tanka.

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The beginning of a new great adventure

And here we go.

I can’t believe that I started a blog, but here we are. On this page, I won’t talk about me, as I already have Twitter for that, but I will post various stuff translated by me, from English to Italian, from Italian to English and from Japanese to Italian and English, and maybe some little post about translation itself.
Why this blog? Because I’m bored and sometimes I wanna try new things.
I know this blog isn’t pretty enough, I’ll embellish it when I’m not busy studying, playing videogames or being miserable.
Regarding the name of this place: yaku (訳) means, among other things, “translation”; there’s also a word-play on the word iyaku (意訳) which means “liberal translation”. Yes, it’s a shitty word-play, I know that.