Amano Shuninta – Touma-kun ch.2

Hello, it’s been a while! It’s finally time to release the second chapter of Touma-kun! Sorry for the long wait.
The first chapter had a bittersweet ending, but what about this one? Time to find out.

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]

As usual, thank you to @flapjack21 for proofreading!

ps: Liberty chapter 5 is coming SOON!

2 thoughts on “Amano Shuninta – Touma-kun ch.2”

  1. Would have never even noticed this title without you. I really loved chapter 2, the ending was just great!

    I wonder, is there going to be more Touma-kun, or is that it?

    1. It’s continuing. I’ll begin working on the 3rd chapter after finishing the 5th chapter of Liberty.

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