Early Christmas Gift for Liberty Fans

Hi everyone! Small gift for all the fans of Liberty! Here’s something I’ve wanted to do since a long time: fixing the older chapters of the manga I’m releasing.

The first chapter was also my first release in absolute and it had many problems, due to my shit editing and an awkward translation. Well, no more! I fixed it! And I also fixed all the other chapters as well. Regarding the translation: the only major change is that now Maki is referred as “soft butch” since the first chapter and her surname is correctly romanized as “Honjo”.
Regarding the editing: no more “ghost” text behind the actual text
You don’t really need to download this again if you’ve already read it, this is for the future readers and for the few who prefer to download manga instead of reading them online. Oh, I’ve already updated the chapters on Mangadex, so there’s that.

Chapter 1 [DL]
Chapter 2 [DL]
Chapter 3 [DL]
Chapter 4 [DL]
Chapter 5 [DL]
Chapter 6 [DL]

If you find something strange, let me know!

Touma-kun is next!

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