Early Christmas Gift For Touma-kun Fans

Hello everyone! It’s the turn of Touma-kun now, everyone’s favourite womanizer. When I started working on it, I did it because I thought it was a one-shot…I was wrong, but that’s ok.
Touma-kun always gets many interesting comments since it’s a manga about a high school girl, with the charisma and the persuasion skill of Rasputin, that had sex with probably every female teacher and half the school.

Like for Liberty, I fixed the editing, some typos and some fonts. You don’t really need to download it again if you have already read it.

Chapter 1 [DL]
Chapter 2 [DL]
Chapter 3 [DL]
Chapter 4 [DL]
Chapter 5 [DL]

As usual, if you notice errors or anything let me know.

Just wanna conclude that this is gonna be my last release for the year. I wanna thank all the people who helped me release 15 chapters of yuri goodness and all the fans of Liberty and Touma-kun.

Oh and of course, thanks to Momono-sensei, Kitta Izumi and Amano-sensei for their manga. Make sure to support the authors whenever you can! Buy Galette even if you can’t read it!

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    1. Thank you for pointing it out! Apparently the plugin I use for tags, now conflicts with the official one and it refuses to update tags. Welp, time to get rid of it.
      Thank you again and merry Christmas!

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