Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.15

Here we go again! A new chapter of Liberty! Liz is still feeling down for having cheated on Maki with the cool, beautiful & sexy Sumire. What she’s gonna do now to win her back?
I feel like the next chapter will be a turning point just like it was the 8th chapter. I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since I’ve started working on this… Time sure flies!

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
Read it on MangaDex [HERE]
Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]

As usual, thanks to @Flapjack21 for proofreading this, and to my friend Cate for helping me out with a sentence.

PS: It’s now possible to preorder a physical copy of Touma-kun from Galette’s booth shop. If you enjoyed the manga, please consider buying a copy to support the author.

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