Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.17

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I haven’t found any interesting yuri that picked up my interest in these months, but at least here’s another chapter of Liberty. Can’t wait to read everyone’s comment on this because….Well, let’s just say it’s a very interesting chapter. Please enjoy!

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]
Read it on MangaDex [HERE]

As usual, thanks to @FlapJack21 for proofreading this.

3 thoughts on “Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.17”

  1. So is there like any specific release schedule for the original manga? Read the last chapter back in February and now it’s June. I wanna know how long I’ll have to wait for the next chapter after such a cliffhanger.

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