Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.20

Hello everyone, welcome to a new chapter of Liberty. This month marked the 5th anniversary of Galette which means…It’s been 5 years since I’ve started scanlating Liberty. So many things changed in these 5 years, generally in worse, but we’re still alive to read yuri and that’s all it matters.
This chapter has an…interesting development, can’t wait to read your reactions!

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
Read it on MangaDex [HERE]
Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]

As usual, many thanks to @Flapjack21 for proofreading.
See you in 3 months!

5 thoughts on “Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.20”

  1. From dynasty forum:
    “Tsucchi isn’t confessing to Maki at all. She tells Maki that even though she’s (Maki) genuinely in love and even though she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s getting hurt. So she just empathize with her friend.”

    1. Sorry for being like a…month late to this, but I was busy and I didn’t check my blog in the meanwhile and the notification system doesn’t work. Like I said on Dynasty, I recognize the frankly embarrassing error and I will fix it with the next release of Liberty, hopefully in August.

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