Shimizu Hikarino – Snow Muse

And here it is, the last chapter of the Himegoto anthology! This one is rather short and it’s about two girls that like art…
Thank you for reading, and remember that you can buy this manga on Amazon by following this link HERE
Can’t wait to see more yuri from this author!

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
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Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]

Many thanks to @DaiChimpo for proofreading this!

4 thoughts on “Shimizu Hikarino – Snow Muse”

  1. Thank you very much, it was a nice series. I especially like this final part! I could easily read an entire oneshot manga for each one of the five shorts.

    About your “Snow Muse” scanlation: On page 7, one girl says “The entrance exam hasn’t took place yet”. Now I’m no native English speaker, but I believe this is a grammar mistake and should read “The entrance exam hasn’t taken place yet”.

    And on the final page, she says: “Now, I’m anxiously waiting for the spring to come”. I’m not perfectly sure, but I believe seasons go without articles. Or at least it seems more pretty this way: “Now, I’m anxiously waiting for spring to come”. Let me know if I’m wrong on that one.

    And again: Thanks a lot! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! My proofreader said that even though “taken” is grammatically correct, native speakers say “took”, and that “spring” vs “the spring” is a matter of preference.

      1. I see, thanks for replying. Guess my school English only gets me this far. 🙂

        Purely out of curiosity: Does your proofreader speak American or British English?

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