A Few Pandacorya shorts

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post of 2024. I bring a few short manga I should have released last year, but you know…I was busy and stuff. I wanna thank the awesome peeps on the Discord server of Dynasty Scans for proofreading all of this!
Please enjoy, I’ll soon (hopefully!) scanlate more.

A New Weather Girl Gets Punished by Her Senpai for Making a Big Mistake During the Weather Report
Read it [HERE]
I’m lovin’ it
Read it [HERE]
A Cheeky Gyaru Whose Expectations were Proven Wrong
Read it [HERE]
The Secret of the Rookie Teacher ♡
Read it [HERE]
The Tall, Boyish Friend with a Strong Fetish
Read it [HERE]
The Case of the New Homeroom Teacher Who Did XXX *
Read it [HERE]

Pandacorya’s Twitter and Pixiv

*This one was already scanlated by Danke fürs Lesen, but I found out about it only after I had already finished scanlating it myself…

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