The Magnificent Kotobuki Take Off Girls Team Songs: Akatsuki Phantom Thieves Gang– The Grand Notice

Sorry for the wait, here comes one of my favourite songs from Kotobuki and my absolute favourite squadron: the Akatsuki Phantom Thieves! Their chemistry, stories, characters and aesthetics really stole my heart. In a world devastated by conflict, they try to bring a little bit of romanticism, for example, by stealing a fish just to dump it in the lake where it came from to make it reunite with its friends. The “grand notice” of the title refers to the fact they always leave a notice card to announce what they’re going to steal…They’re phantom thieves, after all.

Akatsuki Phantom Thieves Gang– The Grand Notice
Lyrics: ZAQ
Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: Fujita Junpei
Singers: Roig (CV: Takahashi Minami), Moa (CV: Sekine Hitomi), Renji (CV: Fujiwara Natsumi), Regal (CV: Ōnishi Saori), Begg (CV: Akao Hikaru), Calan (Suzumoto Akiho)

Just a short preview…You already know what to do.

今宵、眠る街 黎明の足音の予感
騙し酔わせて 秘密を暴くの「お宝はどこ?」
世界をちょいと楽しくしようぜ 手は抜くんじゃねえ
美しい香り あなたが欲しい ねえいいでしょう?

嗚呼 ロマンが 理想が 胸を焦がして離さない

奪え スリルだって面白がって
手に入れろ 伝説に刻め
派手にいきましょうか 危険がなんだ
乗りこなすわ 華麗に
隙は見せんな あっという間にホラ
お宝 いただき!
ひとりひとりがまじりあって わたしになるのです…
チャンスは誰でも持ってるのだ 掴み取るのだ!
探して 見つけて 計画を練り練りしましょう
狙った獲物は 逃がしはしない
さあ 出るわ

今宵 赤い月が 闇を照らす
出し抜け この世界
お宝 いただき!


「貴方のお宝 いただきに参ります 覚悟はいい?」

Tonight, in the sleepy town, a premonition of the footsteps of dawn
Deceived and drunk, you’ll expose your secrets “Where’s the treasure?”
Let us know
Let’s make the world a little more fun, so don’t be shoddy
What a beautiful scent, I want you, hey, would you accept me?
“…That was easy.”

Aah I can’t let go of the romantic ideals burning within my heart
Please, try to catch me right now
Come on

Steal for the thrill of it, for the fun of it
Take it and carve a legend
A predictable future is so boring
Let’s be flamboyant, what’s so dangerous about it?
Let’s fly magnificently
Don’t let your guard down or in the blink of an eye
we’ll take your treasure!

Each of one us blend together to become me…
Everyone has a chance! Seize it!
One, two and voilà!
We’ll look for it, find it and devise a plan
we won’t let our prey escape
so, let’s go

Even though I’m not strong,
Even in hell,
if a treasure awaits there
it becomes a reason to act, doesn’t it?
Let’s give it a shot!
Tonight a crimson moon dispels the darkness
let’s surprise the world
in search of extraordinary romance
we’ll seize the treasure!
Stir up troubles
Dance up and down

“We’re coming to take your treasure, are you ready?”

A bit of context
From left to right: Renji, Regal, Roig, Moa, Begg, Calan.

Isn’t their design simply great and stylish? And I’m not referring to just Roig’s boob window (she wears even lewder outfits in the game), they really remind me of adventure and crime novel heroes, which I guess that’s the point.
Roig is the squadron leader and a true lover of romance: she left a life of luxury to pursuit adventure and treasures. Roig is daring and always ready for new challenges together with her friends, all in the name of ROMANCE. Her name comes from Laphroaig whisky.
Moa is Roig’s best friend and the “mother” of the squadron. Due to a past trauma, whenever she hears gun sounds, she turns into a wild beast like Dr. Jekyll, but normally she’s a shy and well-behaved girl. Her name comes from Bowmore whisky.
Renji is a gold-obsessed, rowdy and tomboyish girl. A former street kid who wants to become rich to save her little brother. She starts as a lone wolf, but eventually learns to work with others. Her name comes from Glenmorangie whisky.
Regal, my beloved! She’s a jewellery expert that loves everything that’s beautiful and, of course, she’s beautiful herself and uses her beauty as a tool to gather information. She often sounds haughty and arrogant, but she has a heart of gold. Regal clashes a lot with Renji, which is great if you have yuri goggles. Her name comes from Chivas Regal whisky.
Begg is the expert mechanic of the squadron that loves tinkering with machines and planes. She ends almost every sentence with “noda”, a quirk that’s common where she comes from: a nomadic tribe of scavengers. Begg the only meganekko of Kotobuki, so she must be protected at all costs. Her name comes from Ardbeg whisky.
Calan is the doctor, or rather, back-alley doctor, of the group. Both her parents are famous medics and she picked up from them, but Calan also likes doing weird experiments and using her friends as guinea pigs. Her name comes from Macallan whisky.

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