The Magnificent Kotobuki Take Off Girls Team Songs: Canary Vigilante – Kotori’s March

Kotobuki’s world has pirates, mercenaries, thieves and all kinds of lowlives. “What about the cops?”, someone might ask. If you watched the anime, maybe you’d remember about Kamila, the pilot built like Jessica Rabbit who appeared in a few episodes. In TOG, there’s a whole playable Squadron of adorable vigilantes: the Canary Vigilante. Let’s hear their song…

Canary Vigilante: Kotori’s March
Lyrics: ZAQ
Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: Kikuchi Tatsuya
Singers: Aco (CV: Ozawa Ari), Eru (CV: Waki Azumi), Helen (CV:Kuwahara Yuuki), Ritta (CV: Mineda Mayu), Mint (CV: Kondo Reina), Shino (CV: Yashima Sarara)

Sorry, no video… But I’m sure you can find the song on nyaa 😉 The title means “The March of the Little Birds”



溢れる世界を 守るため戦うんだよ

迷わず進め 高く飛べ
まだ若くて 小さな羽根だけど
笑われてもいい 恥ずかしさすら
乗り越えて 偉大な空へ
そう! 愛と正義で平和を守る
志は 人一倍!
カナリアの歌 この空に響くよ

ねぇ それでも信じる心
忘れちゃいけません 想いは貫いて

嗅ぎつけたならば すぐに駆けつけてみせよう

問いかける 偉大な空に

ゆらゆら変わる風向き 振り回されて
怖さもあって だけど だから
高く 強く 疾く 行くよ


迷わず進め 高く飛べ
まだ若くて 小さな羽根だけど
明日も空があると 信じてもらいたいから「大丈夫」と
そう!愛と正義で平和を守る 志は 人一倍!
カナリアの歌 この空に響くよ

For the sake of tomorrow’s sky

hm…The radiant sunlight makes me sleepy
the soft atmosphere becomes tense.
Ah…Today too, someone from somewhere
is calling us with a troubled voice!

We’ll fight to protect a world
filled with heartfelt and loving smiles

We advance without hesitation, flying high
even though we’re still young and our wings are small.
Laugh all you want, we’ll overcome embarrassment
and reach the great sky.
So! With love and justice we protect peace
Our spirit is stronger than anyone else’s!
Canary’s song echoes in this sky

hah…No matter what, evil will arise
we won’t always recognize it,
but hey, keep believing
don’t forget, keep your determination strong

If we catch a hint of a case,
we rush over it right away

(Helen, wake up!)

No two days are the same
but what can we do
to protect this unchanging warmth?
We ask this to the great sky
being swayed by the ever-changing winds
is scary, but that’s why
we’ll go higher, stronger, faster

Full of energy and full of dreams!
Canary Vigilante’s energetic girl, Ritta!
I always do my best….!
Canary Vigilante’s little sister, Mint!
I’ll gently wrap you in my arms
Canary Vigilante’s healer, Eru.
I’m in my dreams whether I’m awake or sleeping
Canary Vigilante’s sleepyhead, Helen
I’ll pierce you with my cold gaze
Canary Vigilante’s cool beauty, Shino!
I’ll handcuff your heart!
Canary Vigilante’s charismatic leader, Aco!
With love and justice we protect peace
We’re Canary Vigilante!

We advance without hesitation, flying high
Even though we’re still young and our wings are small
I want people to believe the sky will be here tomorrow too, so I say “don’t worry”,
So! With love and justice we protect peace, our spirit is stronger than anyone else’s!
Canary’s song echoes in this sky

A bit of context

While technically they’re flying policewomen, those six girls are more or less PR girls for their town’s vigilante corp and are always assigned lousy cases like missing cats. Eventually, they’d become heroes…

From left to right: Helen, Ritta, Aco, Eru, Mint, Shino.

The leader of this squadron is Aco. Her father was an ace vigilante who got sucked into a hole in the sky, and she was made leader of the Canaria Vigilante for this reason. She’s actually a very serious girl with a strong sense of justice and an appreciation for strawberry panties. She’s also a bit oblivious to certain things… Her name comes from Apilco, a French company that makes porcelain.
Aco’s best friend is Eru. She’s a beautiful pianist that comes from a rich family and became a vigilante to live a more exciting life. All men become weak in front of her. Her name comes from the French company Hermès.
Ritta is the plane nerd of the group. She’s an energetic and optimistic girl that loves talking about aircraft a lot. A LOT. Her name comes from Noritake, a Japanese manufacturer of tableware.
Mint is a shy and reserved girl with the hobby of drawing doujinshi…Yuri doujinshi. She’s in love with her “onee-sama” Aco, who’s completely oblivious to her affection. Mint is also an expert in martial arts and knows how to kick ass. Her name comes from the British pottery company Mintons.
Helen is the sexy sleepyhead of the group. A former delinquent turned vigilante for the money, she sleeps even while piloting her plane. (Hence the “Helen wake up!” line). She’s named after the Hungarian porcelain manufacturing company Herend.
The last one is Shino, my favourite of the group: she’s an orphan who had to work very hard and, at the beginning, she held a grudge against Aco for becoming squadron leader without any special qualities. She ends up becoming a tsundere friend for Aco and also the source of many yuri misunderstandings. Her hobby? Wearing gothic lolita clothes. Her name comes from “Shinowazuri”, the Japanese word for Chinoiserie.

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