The Magnificent Kotobuki Take Off Girls Team Songs: Gekitetsu Family – JIN

According to the story, the mysterious Yufang came into Kotobuki’s world (called Ijitsu) through portals in the sky and brought with them their technology which they shared with the inhabitants of Ijitsu, living in a post-apocalyptic world without oceans. Apparently, one of the things they brought with them is American style Mafia: gangsters wearing pinstripe suits dealing in all sort of sordid business: alcohol trafficking, gambling, usury and…rock salt, according to the Harukaze specials. One of the playable squadrons in Kotobuki TOG is indeed a Mafia family: the Gekitetsu (“Firing hammer”) Family, my 2nd favourite squadron. Two of their members appear in the Harukaze specials and in one of the closing stills of the movie. This is clearly not enough because Gekitetsu had the most interesting story in the game and their interactions were both funny and interesting. Let’s turn to their team song now…

Gekitetsu Family: JIN
Lyrics: ZAQ
Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: Hibino Hirofumi
Singers: Fio (CV: Asai Ayaka), Ithaca (CV: Suwa Ayaka), Remi (CV: Tanabe Rui), Nico (CV: Ishigami Shizuka), Ciara (CV: Hanamori Yumiri), Rola (CV: Fujita Akane)

This is just a preview, I’m sure that good pirates like you can find the full version easily 😉


そこをどけ 狂犬が征くぞ
酔いどれたちは酒場で大暴れっす 酔い酔いヨイヨイ
暗い街 立ち上る煙
ここが誰のシマか わかってる?
下衆は下がってろ 振り落とされたいのか?…めんどくせえ


撃鉄起こせ 戦いの準備はできてるか?

天下御免の 無法者たちさ
守ってみせる 大空に舞う仁義
ド派手に歌舞いてけ 誇り高く 嗚呼

讃えよ 尊べ 敬え バカにするんじゃないやいやい!

狙い定めよ 信念こそが強さの証

天下無双の 開拓者たちさ
この地は 私たちのもの
制してみせる 手出しはさせないから
やられたらやり返す 結束は絶対
思いは現に いざ征こう


天下御免の 無法者たちさ
正義も悪も 知ったこっちゃないから
ド派手に突き進め 弾丸が如く 嗚呼


Outta the way, Mad Dog is coming!
Bow your head and beg for forgiveness
The drunkards are brawling in the saloon, they’re drunk, drunk!
Smoke rises from a dark street
don’t you know whose turf this is?
Stand back scum, do you wish to kiss the floor? (So annoying)

Don’t let looks fool you, alright?
In this town, power is everything
how it’s going? I’m feeling great
Injustice won’t be forgiven.

Cock your hammer! Are you ready for battle?

We’re the lawful outlaws
our souls gathered for a feast
We’ll protect you, our justice dances in the heaven
Be proud, boldly dance and sing,  Aah!
In the name of the Gekitetsu family.

I want to be surrounded by cute things.
Someday, I want someone to know.
Praise me, respect me, honor me and never, ever make fun of me!
I want to live free like a vagabond.
I’ll bully you just for fun♪
My life plan is perfect…Just like I planned.

Take aim! Conviction is proof of strength!

We’re the peerless pioneers
this territory is ours
We’ll show you control, we won’t let anyone interfere
if we’re hit, we’ll hit back, our bond is absolute
our thoughts are reality, let’s go into battle

There’s the weak
there’s the strong
for my sake
for the sake of others
now it’s the time to act
there are people
that only we can protect

We’re the lawful outlaws
the bond of our gathered souls
We don’t care about right or wrong
Like a bullet, boldly push forward  Aah!
In the name of the Gekitetsu family

A bit of context

The six members of the Gekitetsu Family squadrons are all executives of the family, each of them ruling their own gang, and they’re all in line to become the next boss of the Family which causes them a lot of problems…

From left to right: Ithaca, Remi, Fio, Rola, Ciara, Nico.

I think they deserve a more detailed description.
Fio, nicknamed “Mad Dog”, is the leader of the squadron. She’s diminuitive in height (but not in her chest) and when someone points it out, she becomes furious: she absolutely doesn’t like made fun of, like she says in the song. Fio aims to become the boss of the family, but she’s a bit childish at time and it’s oblivious to many things, which causes many funny moments. She’s named after the ammo company Fiocchi.

Ithaca, nicknamed “Cold-blooded”, is a perfectionist that prefers to plan things, stick to schedule and be punctual at all times. Like her nickname suggests, she never loses her cool…Almost never. Her name comes from Ithaca Gun Company.

Remi, nicknamed “Drifting Cloud”, is a former street kid who manages the espionage operations of the Family. She wants nothing more than live free, unbound by anything else. Remi likes to get drunk and has a lively and happy go lucky personality, but deep down she’s a bit melanchonic and knows when it’s time to get serious. Her name comes Remington Arms.

Nico, nicknamed “Immortal”, is a tall, strong and scary executive. Despite her appearance, Nico loves small and cute things…Especially Fio. The gap between her stoic expression and her internal dialogues is the source of many funny moments. Her name comes from Nikko Firearms.

Ciara (pronounced “Shiara”), nicknamed “Devil”, looks innocent and adorable, but the truth is that she’s a self-centered sadist that loves playing cruel pranks on others…Especially Fio. Despite how she looks, Nico doesn’t find her cute AT ALL, which lead to one of the funniest scenes in the game. Her name comes from Sierra Bullets.

Rola, nicknamed “Grim Reaper”, is the beautiful childhood friend of Fio, and she’s like a sister to her. She owes her fame to both her beauty and her deadly shooting skills. Rola keeps a lot of secrets and she may not be what her friend think she is… Her name comes from .460 Rowland.

I think the song perfectly encapsulates the squadron’s attitude and bombastic personality, but what does JIN mean? I’m not too sure. Maybe it comes from the chinese character 仁 (“jin”) which means “benevolence”and it’s the first character of 仁義 (“jingi”) that appears in the original lyrics and means “justice” or “duty”. If anyone has a better idea, let me know!

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