How embarrassing!

It seems I’ve committed a few errors in the release of Touma-kun chapter 2 and 3 and I’m very sorry for that.
Soooo, here’s the first page that’s missing from chapter 2 HERE
and I’ve corrected page 19 from chapter 3 due to a mistranslation ALSO HERE

Thanks to Rejuun and Nevri on Dynasty for pointing out those errors. I’ll pay more attention next time.

By the way, I’m working on Touma-kun chapter 4, but it’s gonna take me a while and I’ll give priority to Liberty because it’s the manga that people (and me) prefer.
Sorry Touma, but everybody thinks you are a fucking asshole and masses demand to know why Liz had a nervous breakdown, there’s no match here.

The beginning of a new great adventure

And here we go.

I can’t believe that I started a blog, but here we are. On this page, I won’t talk about me, as I already have Twitter for that, but I will post various stuff translated by me, from English to Italian, from Italian to English and from Japanese to Italian and English, and maybe some little post about translation itself.
Why this blog? Because I’m bored and sometimes I wanna try new things.
I know this blog isn’t pretty enough, I’ll embellish it when I’m not busy studying, playing videogames or being miserable.
Regarding the name of this place: yaku (訳) means, among other things, “translation”; there’s also a word-play on the word iyaku (意訳) which means “liberal translation”. Yes, it’s a shitty word-play, I know that.