morino – Hokenshitsu Sensei to Mōsōsuki-chan [ONESHOT]

Hello everyone, I’m bringing you a cute (and a bit sexy) oneshot from Galette Meets 3.5. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download it from MEGA [HERE]
Read it on MangaDex [HERE]
Read it on Dynasty Reader [HERE]

Many thanks to @DaiChimpo for proofreading this!

Later this month, a new issue of Galette will come out and you know what that means: Liberty chapter 13! But before that, I’m planning to release another manga by Shimizu Hikarino, so stay tuned.
Hey, I’m working on a lot of stuff lately, being a quarantined NEET sure has some benefits after all.

2 thoughts on “morino – Hokenshitsu Sensei to Mōsōsuki-chan [ONESHOT]”

  1. Hey, do you guys have raws for all of Galette Works? I’m thinking main Galette, meets, Shinbun, Petit, those weird online short stories and mini stories, etc.

    If not, would you like them?

    1. Hi! I’ve all the issues of Galette, but only one issue of Meets (3.5). I’d like to check out other manga by morino and Shimizu Hikarino, so if you have those hit me up.

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