[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] FLASH Special & War Spoils

Back to normal schedule, boys. Sumipe is too cute in this set, the second picture is my smartphone wallpaper…
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Happy Halloween everybody! Keeper of The Seven Keys!¹
How are you doing?
I hope that both people who work hard every day and those who steal candies from their neighbour will have a good day…( ˘ω˘ )

By the way, I make an appearance in the latest number of “FLASH Special” that’s now on sale! It’s my debut…!
Tulle feels so good, I want to feel it forever
There was another dress, but I couldn’t take any pictures! Please check it on the magazine ( ^ω^)

The other day, I went in Nakano Broadway to see “Geh VS Mumumu Exhibition”!² Yay!

I also bought many things (*´∀`*) Ufufufu…
A wonderful exhibition and merchandise that conveyed the love for Romance of The Three Kingdoms in a very “ja~n ja~n”³ way!! I was so excited!! Thank you!!
I hope there will be a part 2…
There will be the mirror hated by Dong Zhou, a 1/8 scale figure of Chen Gong, and surely….*mumble mumble*

See you!

¹ Yes, that’s the Helloween album.
²An exhibition dedicated to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms manga. The title comes from two famous panels of the manga.
³Another panel from the manga



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