[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Locked Room! 300 Man Sparring!

Hi everyone, here’s the translation of Sumipe’s latest post. Small note on the title: 300 Man Sparring is a reference to 100 Man Sparring, a test in karate in which a practitioner has to spar against 100 opponents in a day.


The “Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku” release event, “Locked Room! 300 Man Sparring” was a success!
Thank you to all the fans who attended (*´∀`*)

With everyone!
It was called “300 man sparring”, but actually more than 300 people attended! Waaai!!
I was very happy to come back on CUTUP STUDIO’s stage after almost one year! Thank you for the fun! (*・∀ *)

And like how I announced during the event, my new EP will launch on 18/10~~!!
The new season of “Houzuki no Reitetsu” will start in October and I was put in charge of the ED! I’m told that a total of 3 songs will be recorded.
Please wait for further informations…(`°ω°´)

Sake is great!

See you!

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