[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Macho Mountain ~The Mountain of Muscles~

I forgot to finish this, sorry.
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Today at the Tower Record of Shibuya we held “Macho Mountain ~The Mountain of Muscles~”!
Thank to all those who attended (*´∀`*)
(I don’t really understand the name, to tell you the truth it’s an event to celebrate the release of “Kanojo no Gensou”)

I won’t stop being an unqualified kung-fu girl!

Those handmade earrings are so cute

The I don’t know what to do with those nunchaku pose

I received flowers in my dressing room too!
It’s like a small boat…! Thank you for the beautiful flowers (*・∀・*)

I didn’t do anything particular, but we still had a fun time!
Next time, I want to hear from everyone “What would eat first”…ufufu
( ^ω^)

See you!

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