[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Message From The Staff

Welp, it happened. Sumipe deleted her Twitter account and a new one, run by her staff, has been created. This is really sad, I hate how internet bullies won again, I’m really sorry for Sumipe.
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Thank you very much for always supporting Uesaka Sumire.

To aggregate the communication of informations, the following accounts will be shut down today:
■Uesaka Sumire Twitter (@Uesakasumire)
■Uesaka Sumire Instagram (sumire_uesaka)

We want to inform you that from now on, the Kakumeiteki Broadway Shugisha Dōmei Twitter account (@kakubro) and the Uesaka Sumire Official Fanclub Kolkhoz no Tamanegi Hatake Twitter account (@uesakasumire_fc) will be integrated in:

■Uesaka Sumire Official Twitter
(UesakaSumire_official @uesaka_official)

Regarding the LINE Blog, please keep following it.

Uesaka Sumire staff



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