[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Riverside Lovers

The video is beautiful, the song is beautiful, Sumire is beautiful and of course I bought the CD+DVD pack.
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The “Riverside Lovers (Hell’s Love)” musical video has been published (`°ω°´)
That’s my first shooting set in the middle of nature! It was full of insects!

Sanzu River…Fitting for the place, I wore a white dress that evokes the image of the white robe worn by the dead.

♫ Ventura Ventura Space People¹

In the middle of the video, an Oiran makes an appearance!

I also took some pictures with our special guest, the Samoyed Samon, but since there are too many I guess I’ll have to post them later…Ah! It’s because it was so cute! So fluffy!

Here’s the musical video for your attention!
It’s coming out on 18/10…Uwaa, it’s very soon!
Thank you for your continued support(  ˘ω˘ )

See you!

¹It’s a song that references Urusei Yatsura.

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