[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The Kakubro Grand Congress! Male Officials VS Female Officials

Hello, sorry for being so slow but life keeps getting in the way.
How I wish I could attend her “congress”, maybe in the future I will see her in person, but for now I have to settle with looking at her pictures and translating her blog. Her clothes are perfect as usual, but damn, she looks REALLY good in uniform and sarashi!
This post was kinda hard to translate for me, I’m sorry for every error and inaccuracy, I’ll strive to become a better translator for Sumipe and her fans!


Today the “Kakubro Grand Congress! Male Officials VS Female Officials” has been held in Shibuya’s Record Tower!
Thank you to all those who attended! (*´∀`*)

It was the first time I performed in an event where men and women are separated, so it was a new experience for me (`°ω°´)
In particular, I had the rare opportunity to talk face-to-face with the Kakubro girls, it made me happy to be able to converse together so sincerely…
Everybody was so sweet, sorry for having been so tense…!  The male officials were all super-energetic as always! It’s good!

Since the discussion with my congress of officials about the next events I’d like to do has been so fruitful, I’d like to use the Ryōgoku Kokugikan¹ (`°ω°´)
From now on, I’m looking forward to hearing your honest opinions!

For the male officials I wore a gakuran with a sarashi² and savoured the mood. ( ˘ω˘ )

For the female officials I wore an Angelic Pretty one-piece! I was surprised because just the other day I bought the red version of this dress!

Since I could meet my comrades this Sunday, the weekend has been fantastic! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Don’t let the heat have the best of you, everyone please stay in good health!!

See you!

¹ It’s a sporting arena in Tokyo, mainly used for sumo tournaments.
² The gakuran is the male school uniform, while the sarashi is a long strip of clothes usually wrapped around the chest.

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