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She can sing, dance, draw, act, dub, speak Russian, pose and now she’s also an ukiyo-e. Is there something that Sumipe can’t do?
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The other day I participated in an event dedicated to the ukiyo-e project “Pictures of Beautiful Seiyuu of Our Era” in Nipponbashi!
I couldn’t believe I would be turned into a ukiyo-e, but I was really, really amazed when I saw this masterpiece!

This is the finished sample! It’s gorgeous…!!
I’m impressed because even though it’s an illustration by Ebata Risa, it has the same nuance of an ukiyo-e (`°ω°´)

Mr. Sekioka the carver and Mr. Matsuzaki the printer!
I was able to ask them about the process of making an ukiyo-e!
They were very dedicated to making this piece!

This Japanese style dress is by gouk!
The ukiyo-e will soon be delivered to you, so be patient (*・∀・*)

See you!

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