[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Space and Tanks

Here’s the second post on the Tokyo Game Show where Sumipe promoted STARLY GIRLS, a new mobage by Kadokawa Games.
Not my best translation, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.
Original post: here.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Third Naval Review

Today’s post is about two of my favourite things: Sumire and Kancolle. As you all know (or should know) she’s the voice of many shipgirls like Fubuki (and all the Fubuki class), Hiryuu and Souryuu. She looks so cute in Fubuki’s uniform!  I’m glad she took a group shot with all the other seiyuu, I really like how Ayaneru and Yukachin styled their hair like Yamato and Kitakami. But enough talks, I hope you will enjoy this post and the pictures just like I did.

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