Momono Moto & Kitta Izumi – Liberty ch.4

Here we go again with another chapter of Liberty!
In the third chapter Maki FINALLY learned the name of the mysterious girl that it’s always on her mind and that they are going to work together (sort of)!
What’s gonna happen in this chapter? Well, I’m not gonna spoiler you, so please enjoy!

Once again I wanna thank @flapjack21 for proofreading this!

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I wish you all a merry Christmas!

[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] A Morning Call for the First 10000

Ah yes I remember this campaign…I remember how heartbroken I was when they didn’t accept my Italian phone number, no matter how. That’s why I always wake up like crap. But it doesn’t matter, some people are woken up by Sumire and that’s fine by me!
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