[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] A Morning Call for the First 10000

Ah yes I remember this campaign…I remember how heartbroken I was when they didn’t accept my Italian phone number, no matter how. That’s why I always wake up like crap. But it doesn’t matter, some people are woken up by Sumire and that’s fine by me!
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The project “Uesaka Sumire’s morning call for 10.000 persons” for the 20th anniversary of Xylitol has begun!

You can choose the morning call you prefer among 20 different types (I registered a lot of them!)
I’ll wake you up without fail…( ˘ω˘ )

That’s for the first 10.000 people!
If you need a wake up call, please check it out:

Bonus picture

With the owl that partecipated in “Bunkabu wa Yoru Aruku”
(Picture by: Miss Kanape)¹


See you!

¹That’s Hayase Kana

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