[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Happy New Year

New year, new translation! Many, many things happened in 2016, both good and bad, but for Sumipe it was a wonderful year! Many new roles, a new album, a new singles, a stylebook, many live events and radio shows…I hope 2017 will be even better for her! Please, enjoy her first post of the year and my translation!

Happy New Year!

Everyone, happy new year!

How are you spending New Year’s Day?
I’m taking it easy in this relaxing place ( ^ω^) The tea is so good~~~

I intended to write a post to reflect on the past year, but…I fell asleep…Oh well
( ˘ω˘ )
Let’s have fun this year too! In good health! With luck on our side! Let’s do our best! I hope to meet many of you!! And I also hope we become friends !!
I wish that you will all have a wonderful year (*´∀`*)

This year too, please take good care of me!

See you!

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