[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Psychedelic Provincial Tour

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a splendid Christmas! I finally got my degree and more importantly, my copy of Sumipedia arrived and it’s absolutely fantastic! She’s so beautiful and cute and sexy and…Well, you know.
It seems like her live event at the Ryougoku Kokugikan was her biggest live so far and it was a huge success! I’m so happy for her! Here’s the original post, please enjoy my (imperfect) translation!


Yesterday at the Ryougoku Kokugikan we held the “Uesaka Sumire no Hitori Sumo 2016 ~Psychedelic Provincial Tour~”!
Thank you to all the fantastic people who attended!!

I could hardly imagine going on Ryougoku Kokugikan’s enormous stage and I was filled with anxiety until the day of the live…But when it began, it immediately turned into a spectacular exhibition (*´∀`*)
I rode a rail car, emitted flames, shot a bazooka and attacked the commentator’s desk in the greatest performance that I’ve ever made! It was so fun ( ^ω^)

Here are the beautiful flowers that everybody gifted to me!! Thank you very much!

Here’s everyone after the show!
People of the staff, band, dancers, aerial-san, sumo dancers, thank you for the splendid performance! Good job everyone (*´∀`*)

In the intermission video, I performed with Sugita, Kajita and Kedouin-sensei! Thank you very much!
Sugita is the one who came up with the script…! It was a short story, but people were laughing from the beginning to the end!

Lots of clothes were prepared for me! This time too, there are many of them…Just in case!

I entered the stage with this costume first! The sleeves are so cute!

Changed into a brave warrior

A sparkling mini-kimono!

A charming and psychedelic referee!

And in the end, I’m Santa Claus

At any rate, I would have never dreamed that starting from something small like Kakubro, I’d arrive at something so big (`°ω°´)
Comrades who follow me all the time and comrades who follow me only occasionally, thank you again (*´∀`*)
Next year too, please take good care of me!

Oh right, Merry Christmas!

See you!



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