[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] I went to Tottori

It’s almost Sumipe’s birthday, so here’s the translation of her latest post.  She looks so cute yet so cool in those pictures…Lucky camel.


This month I went to Tottori for a report for “UESAKA JAPAN!” serialized on Newtype! We have a two-pages spread now! Tottori Tottori! (°∀°)

Since I came to Tottori, I visited the sand dunes first…


Tottori Tottori!


I was really happy to see such a beautiful amount of sand ( ^ω^)

I also had the chance to ride a camel! It’s cute with that ribbon.

Since it features my first flight with a paraglider without understanding much of it and a visit to the sand museum,  if you see Newtype in a shop, please check it out (*・∀・*)

See you!



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