[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] My Own T-shirts

Who wants to buy a t-shirt designed by Sumipe back in 2012?  I really like the third one, but I don’t know if we foreigners can buy them. Anyway, here’s the post, enjoy the translation.


This time, I’m announcing that the T-shirts I made in collaboration with Village Vanguard will go on sale! !
T-the Village Vanguard I’ve always longed for!! I’m so happy! !

I never expected that the t-shirts I designed for the late Lady Go!! would see the light! And in three variations too!

Barrier troops!¹ This one is for the comrade who doesn’t hold back

Defeatism! For the comrade who wants to be easily recognizable

Proletarian!² For the comrade who wants to overthrow the bourgeoisie

That’s the lineup! All sizes are in stock, so if you are interested, please request one for yourself ( ^ω^)

Please check the Village Vanguard’s online shop below for applications and so on

See you!

¹ Barrier troops were soldiers placed behind frontline troops to prevent retreat and surrender.
² Literally “citizens without property” so…proletarians.


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