[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Strolling Around Ryougoku (Summer)

Remember this post? This is the continuation of it, either Newtype or Sumipe forgot about it. In case you didn’t know already, Ryougoku is an area of Tokyo and the Kokugikan is a sumo stadium. Enjoy the translation.
Original post: here


It’s finally December! Yahoo!
December should last for at least 70 days!
In the monthly issue of Newtype that’s now on sale, there’s an article about my excursion to Ryougoku!
Despite I came to see the Kokugikan, I enjoyed eating in a chanko restaurant¹ and taking a water bus trip around Ryougoku (*・∀・*)

In midsummer…(`°ω°´)

I tried for the the first time the menu of a chanko restaurant! It was highly nourishing! (*・∀・*)

The breeze on the water bus felt very good ( ˘ω˘ )

And before I realized the Ryougoku Kokugikan live is just around the corner!
Geh…! I have to do my best…(`°ω°´)

See you!

¹ A chanko restaurant or chankoya is a type of restaurant (sometimes owned by a former sumo wrestler) that serves chanko, a type of stew eaten as part of their weight-gaining diet.

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