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Hello Admirals! As you may know, the movie of Kancolle came out a few days ago and I can’t wait for BD because it seriously looks good. Also, today is a great day because our beloved Sumipe came back on Twitter after a long absence! Yay!
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Today is finally the release day of “KanColle The Movie”!
For the opening day, the main cast gathered on stage to greet the fans!
Many admirals showed up over the course of three screenings (*´∀`*) Thank you!

“KanColle The Movie” shouldn’t be seen only once , because many people put their feelings, challenges, determination and love in it, scene after scene. The cast also put their whole energy into voicing!

I want many people to see this movie for Fubuki’s story, for the dramatic scenes and to get answers about Kancolle’s world!

With the duo from the First Carrier Division! As expected, today too was a huge success..!!

Took a picture with Naobou! Choukai, who debuted in the movie was so cool!!

With Chan Rina! Mutsuki is a protagonist too! (`°ω°´)

The brochure with Fubuki on the cover is absolutely beautiful!
Fubuki…You have grown so much ( ;∀;)
By all means, make sure to watch us kanmusu’s magnificent figure!

With Akagi in my palm ( ^ω^)

See you!



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