[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Fourth Naval Review

You know, I really regret having this huge backlog of posts to translate. Still, it makes me happy that Sumipe keeps us updated through her blog.
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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Serendipity Parade

I’m trying my best, I’m trying my best! I have no vacations left but I swear I’ll finish translating the latest posts! Believe in me, believe in Sumipe!
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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Devotion ♡ Valentine

Hello, I hope you guys had a good Valentine day. I’m kinda late with this translation, but it’s finally here. A little note on the title: the kanji 義 could mean justice, honor, righteousness, devotion, loyalty & much more. I went with devotion because it’s a very important part of a romantic relationship (not that I’d know…) but feel free to change it with whatever you want.
By the way, isn’t Sumipe the cutest? Check out her post full of beautiful pictures!

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] KanColle Movie

Hello Admirals! As you may know, the movie of Kancolle came out a few days ago and I can’t wait for BD because it seriously looks good. Also, today is a great day because our beloved Sumipe came back on Twitter after a long absence! Yay!
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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] 346 Castle

Hello everyone, lots of very cute girls in this post but of course the cutest one is our Sumipe! Enough words, enjoy the translation. You can find the original post here.
Only 4 post to get on par…

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