[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Fourth Naval Review

You know, I really regret having this huge backlog of posts to translate. Still, it makes me happy that Sumipe keeps us updated through her blog.
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Even though it’s a bit late, I want to thank all the admirals who participated at the fourth naval review of “Kancolle”!
This year for the fourth anniversary, we departed to Ariake anchorage! Since the number of kanmusu has increased, the naval review is now even more splendid (*´∀`*)

The full cast! Our firepower is amazing-poi!

I participated in the drama part, this time with Hiryuu acting as the flagship of the cruising formation, it was a great success! I’d like to try cosplaying the Second Division, one day…!!
As expected, acting as the flagship of the cruising formation made me anxious!  Isonami’s beloved little sister, Uranami, participated too! (*´∀`*)

Here’s the corner of all the various picture I took in the dressing room!

With Suzaki! Harasho!

With Hidaka! We became good friends (maybe)

This year’s debutante! Madame Chi!

Please don’t eat me!

Naka is cute today too~~! The well-known Sakura!

In echelon formation or something like that

This year too, I thoroughly enjoyed “Teitoku To No Kizuna” by the Kongo sisters …( ^ω^)
With the reveal of the new informations, the world of “Kancolle” is getting larger…As a kanmusu and as an admiral, I’m looking forward to the next development (*´∀`*)
Please keep supporting your kanmusu and the world of “Kancolle”!

See you!

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