[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Natsu no Mamono

TL note: Natsu no Mamono means “Summer demon” and it’s also the name of a band.
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Yesterday I participated at the “Natsu no Mamono 2017” in Kawasaki!
Thank you to all the people who attended(*´∀`*)

Jumping and flying on the wrestling stage was seriously fun!!!
That was my first outdoor festival…! Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm, even under the scorching sun

Since it’s the Natsu no Mamono, I wore a demon-like costume!

I even had the tail!

With Izumi and Narita of Natsu no Mamono!
Thank you for the invitation!
I hope I can come again…(*・∀・*)

During breaks I really enjoyed watching the various stages ( ^ω^)
Watching the people I admire live on stage filled me happiness… It was really a splendid festival…!
My will to live surged! I will seriously live from now on!

See you!

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