[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Conversation on a Dream that’s Hard to Explain

Hello again, I’m lazy as usual but Sumipe is always beautiful.
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It’s kinda hard to explain, but I participated in an absolutely fantastic project!
It seems like an article about the release of the Blu-Ray box of “Yabai 〇〇” but…Please, check the content yourself (`°ω°´)


Even though we took so many photos, I wanted to take another one to commemorate this! Thank you very much!!

I was so nervous I couldn’t talk at all…Uuh…!!
Thank you, Mr. Choshu!!

Finally, tomorrow there’s the Natsu Mamono!
Look forward to the top batter of the yellow Mamono! P-P-P-Please support me…!!

Here’s the timetable

See you!

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