[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Devotion ♡ Valentine

Hello, I hope you guys had a good Valentine day. I’m kinda late with this translation, but it’s finally here. A little note on the title: the kanji 義 could mean justice, honor, righteousness, devotion, loyalty & much more. I went with devotion because it’s a very important part of a romantic relationship (not that I’d know…) but feel free to change it with whatever you want.
By the way, isn’t Sumipe the cutest? Check out her post full of beautiful pictures!


I want to thank all the people who came to Yomiuriland on the 11th February for the Official Fanclub event “Devotion ♡ Valentine”!

Kakubro always holds its general assembly on this day, but this year we celebrated Valentine’s day at an amusement park, peacefully spending the day without showing off our military might ( ^ω^)

Disarmed Uesaka-san

Our morning guest, Hidaka-san!

Recently, I overcame the dark side of this child actress and I’m delighted that I can speak naturally to Hidaka-san!¹
Let’s get along from now on!

And here’s the evening guest, Suzaki-san!

This year I definitely want to visit Suzaki’s house ( ˘ω˘ )
And do some cooking!! I want to have a banquet!!!!!

I got some splendid flowers in my changing room from my comrades!
In the middle of the bouquet, there was a music box to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Kakubro…!! ( ;∀;)

Comrades, thank you for everything! ( ;∀;)
Even if we are so many now, I’m still happy if I can pass time having fun with a band of comrades who share the same hobbies as me!
Thank you for your continued support! (*´∀`*)

Also, a bus tour for Yamanashi in April was announced during the event!
Please check the website of the fanclub for applications and other details ( ˘ω˘ )

Furthermore! I received handmade chocolate from Hidaka-san!
How…How can I repay her…Maybe with my life…?

Happy Valentine day!
See you!

¹In case you didn’t know, Hidaka Rina was a child actress. Maybe she wasn’t easy to talk to…? No idea.


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