[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Serendipity Parade

I’m trying my best, I’m trying my best! I have no vacations left but I swear I’ll finish translating the latest posts! Believe in me, believe in Sumipe!
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[Uesaka Sumire’s Blog Translation] Serendipity Parade!

Hello, it’s been a while since the last post but we have been graced with many cute pictures this time too. I’m not a Producer so I may have got some names wrong…Sorry. Anyway, enjoy my translation.
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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Future Castle

Last post about the Cinderella Girls Live. It’s been a sweet ride.
I know it’s early since I still have a few more post to translate, but you can now preorder Sumipe’s new “stylebook”. It’s kinda cheap so make sure to buy it for yourself or for a friend since it would be a great gift for Christmas.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] 346 Castle

Hello everyone, lots of very cute girls in this post but of course the cutest one is our Sumipe! Enough words, enjoy the translation. You can find the original post here.
Only 4 post to get on par…

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] 346 Castle!

Here we are with the translation of the first post dedicated to the Idolm@ster 4th Live. Not my best job but I think it’s acceptable. Second part coming ASAP.
Sumipe is beautiful.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Daily Bits and Pieces

Sorry for the delay, but I’m currently writing my thesis so I don’t have much time to translate lately. I’ll try to keep up so that I don’t fall too much behind.
Ah….I want to taste Sumipe’s nahamarumaki…I bet she’s a good cook…

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] DereSute Road

I’m not a fan of Idolm@ster, but since Anastasia is voiced by Sumipe this means that she’s the best girl right?  I’m not sure, but it’s highly probable. They both have beautiful eyes after all…Oh well, enjoy this translation.
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