[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Future Castle

Last post about the Cinderella Girls Live. It’s been a sweet ride.
I know it’s early since I still have a few more post to translate, but you can now preorder Sumipe’s new “stylebook”. It’s kinda cheap so make sure to buy it for yourself or for a friend since it would be a great gift for Christmas.


Here’s the continuation of the other day post about the Cinderella Girls 4th Live (`°ω°´)
The second half of the Live was called “Future Castle”, we Cinderella entered the stage singing new songs and wearing new clothes!

Princess Kanako and Prince Anya from “Okashina Kuni no Okashiyasan”!
Since it’s a song that could belong to a musical, the rehearsal was a lot of fun (`°ω°´)

After the performance, I got a whole slice of a lemon tart!
Kanako’s homemade taste…It was bittersweet and delicious (*・∀・*)

Karen! The tiara suited her so well!
Taking the tram and singing two songs together was very memorable ( ^ω^)

Nyan all together!

Personally, I’d like to see Miku and me on stage together! (*´д`*)

So crawling is good for physical training…I see..!

Everyone has gathered!
Producers, please continue supporting us Cinderella so that we can keep on shining and climbing the stairs!
In the next live too, I’ll do my absolute best to deliver to everyone a splendid Anya! !

See you!

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