[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Sakuraikkusumaru. ’16

Hello everyone!  In this post, Sumipe talks about an event dedicated to Sakurai Takamasa, the journalist who often worked together with Sumipe and who died a year ago in a freak accident. He was dedicated to using pop culture as a way to cultivate friendship between Japan and other nations. I remember when he came to Romics, a few months before he died, his interpreter was one of my teachers. His death hit Sumire really hard, the post she wrote at that time, made me tear up a little bit.
Enjoy this humble translation.


Attention please!
The “TEAM SAKUSAKU presents Sakuraikkusumaru ’16” event has been announced and it will be held in Shibuya the 19th December of this year.

It’s a group dedicated to the diffusion of Pop Culture Diplomacy, gathering all those who want to continue the will of Sakurai Takamasa, who was a teacher for me, and the event will be held the day of his birthday! I’ll participate too with a live exhibition.

Since a wide variety of people will gather, I’m really looking forward to seeing  what kind of fantastic event will come out (`°ω°´)

For more details, please take a look at this.
The official website will have more information in the future!

Even if the event is a held on a weekday, I hope that many people will gather for this memorable event!

I’m off to a photo shoot ( ˘ω˘ )
Details soon…

See you!

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