[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Vinyl Records Launch Celebration Event & Headphone Festival

Ok, this was a tough one. I need to overcome my limits and git gud at nihongo. Original post.


The vinyl launch celebration event and the trial listening at the Headphone Festival ended without problems!
A big thank you to all the people who attended (*´∀`*)

Despite the very difficult conditions, many comrades attended the vinyl  launch celebration event and this makes me incredibly grateful
It was very elegant to listen to vinyl records during the handshake event!

After that, I went to Nakano Sunplaza for the Headphone Festival!
I played vinyl records on DENON’s wonderful equipment and listened to stories about the life of audio rooms.¹(*´∀`*)
Listening to Krafterk on vinyl made me go crazy!

I found an Astro Girls cutout in the assembly hall (`°ω°´)
Next time, I want to look for some headphones too…!

See you!

¹Sorry, I have no idea what she meant in the second part

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