[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The Stylebook is Coming Out

Aaaah Sumipe in a swimsuit, can you imagine? I’m actually expecting something very chaste from her, but it’s still a swimsuit! I can’t wait for my copy to be shipped…
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My first stylebook “Sumipedia” will come out on December 19, the day of my 25th birthday!

This time I wanted to something I’ve never done before! For this reason, I took lots of pictures to commemorate reaching a quarter of a century of human life. (`°ω°´)

Doing things like wearing a swimsuit, which I avoided doing until now, trying a different makeup and fashion, showing my room to everyone, eating ramen at a street stall…I think it will be a book filled with sensations of Glasnost!
(Even if the swimsuit section is my favourite, please don’t expect too much from it…!)

I also talked with Yudetamago!¹ Orororororo!! It’s good to be alive!

Either to celebrate Uesaka’s quarter of a century or as a modest indicator of my preferences in hobbies and fashion, it would make me happy if you could have a copy in your hands. Wait for the release!

See you!

¹The duo of mangaka behind Kinnikuman

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