[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Virus Season

Thank you Sumipe for worrying for our health.  Pretty normal post, not much to say other than “SUMIPE IS THE CUTEST” but that’s not a surprise.
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It’s November, how’s everyone?
Since it’s the season when diseases spread, please take good care of your health!

Bought a stylish T-shirt!

And now, after a long absence, here are my latest gems

The books that I bought recently.
Milgram’s experiment is famous but that’s the first time I read the book, it’s both interesting and scary!  I want to get rid of this cold…

I got something like Denpunnori¹ as a gift
Such an innocent face ( ˘ω˘ )

I bought this because I was attracted by the title² (`°ω°´)
I will watch it while cheering for the tank!

See you!

¹ Corn starch glue for little kids.
² The movie is Death Race (1973), the Japanese title roughly translates to “Anti-tank Fighter aircraft”

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