[Uesaka Sumire’s Blog Translation] Serendipity Parade!

Hello, it’s been a while since the last post but we have been graced with many cute pictures this time too. I’m not a Producer so I may have got some names wrong…Sorry. Anyway, enjoy my translation.
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The IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 5thLIVE TOUR Serendipity Parade!!! in Miyagi was a success!
Thank you to all the Producers who supported us!!

This was our first exhibition of this year’s tour! I was more excited than usual!
I wanted to show everyone the new beauty of Anya while cherishing the path we walked until now, so…I went on the stage with this thought in mind!
The time I spent on the stage and those two days have flown by so fast…I had so much fun!
I’m very grateful for the glittering and beautiful scene you showed to Anya!

And I received a lot of beautiful flowers! Seriously a lot! I’m too happy!

I also took many pictures! (*´∀`*)





Fairy Tale Change!

Kirari was really cool, kind and reliable…! Thank you very much!

At the station, I saw many Producers wearing this towel on their shoulders (*・∀・*) Did you have a good sweat? Harasho!

Team Nocturne! Now Team Same-Age!¹

We gathered in a circle like usual! We were fired up (`°ω°´)

The last exhibition of our tour will be at the Saitama Super Arena where I’ll perform as Anya once again.
We idols, and Anya too, will come back more powerful than ever!
I wonder what fantastic stage we’ll find next time…Anya and me are looking forward to it!

See you!

¹They are all 25 years old. But while Sumipe and Hayami Saori were born in 1991, Naobou was born in 1992.

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