[Uesaka Sumire’s Blog Translation] Psychedelic Tour & Yabai 〇〇

Hello again! Today is a very important day for our Sumipe, both her new program and one of her live events will be broadcasted today! Hooray for her! I can’t wait to watch them and you should feel the same. Also, we need more pictures of Sumipe with glasses. Original post: here


Let’s go out with short sleeves~~Wait, it’s a bit too cold! !
By the way, I want to let you know that today both Psychedelic Tour and Yabai 〇〇 will be transmitted for the first time (`°ω°´)

Starting from 18:30, “Uesaka Sumire no Hitori Sumo 2016 ~Psychedelic Tour~” will be broadcasted exclusively on AbemaSPECIAL2!


It’s…It’s already been four months! I made so many memories thanks to that live!
Since viewing is free, please watch it if you have some free time ( ^ω^)

Furthermore, tonight at 01:00 “Uesaka Sumire no Yabai 〇〇”, a program full of terrifying suspense, will start the transmission on Tokyo MX and BS11!

I’ll welcome Minase Inori and together we will practice “Terrible Thrift”. Inori-san, forgive me!
Thank you…( ˘ω˘ )

Date and time of broadcast: 08/04 from 01:00 to 01:30 a.m.
Broadcasters: Tokyo MX, BS11


BORSCH (Heart)

See you!

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