[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Hong Kong Trip: The Invader Strategy

Hong Kong is cool and all, but Sumipe should totally visit Italy. Just saying.
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Today is the day before the album release! Anyway, here’s the third chapter of the “No Future Vacances” music video journal!
The sea is rough like the Sea of Japan, but here’s Hong Kong’s coast.
< ●> < ●>

Strolled around the town in a pink maid outfit, it was fun (`°ω°´)

Bamboo scaffolds…! ! (Heart pounding)

This graffiti is stylish

I’d like to live in this room…( ˘ω˘ )

I snatched the camera we used for the making-of


And that’s all for the No Future Vacances journal! The End!

For all the other making-of thingies (absolutely nothing) please check here ( ^ω^)

Tomorrow there’s the release, so thank you for following me!

See you!

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